The perfect applesauce

Last week I returned to my shared flat apartment to find a tray of apples standing in our common kitchen. One of my flatmates got the apples at a catering event and wanted to make something out of them. So he decided to make some applesauce but was hugely disappointed by the result he got. To thin and runny, not tasty enough and simply not really a dessert. So we started talking about applesauce and how to make it really good and discovered that it seems incredibly easy but that there are still some key-points you should keep in mind to achieve a nice result. So that is why there is this blog article now.

I personally love apple sauce! Added to my cereal in the morning, as a standalone dessert, as a topping on ice cream or as an egg replacement in baked goods. The quality of store bought products is simply not sufficient for me in most cases, which is why I like to cook a huge batch from time to time and store it in glasses in my pantry. Because it is easy to make a delicious, unsweetened alternative to supermarket products.

First of all it is important to know what kind of apples you are using because you are searching for apples that have a lot of acid and fruit sugar at the same time. I love the typical farmer style apples. They are small, sourish, sometimes not the prettiest but simply delicious! When you get your apples at the supermarket you should go for Elstar, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Jonagold or Braeburn or even a mixture of different types of apples to get a richer flavor palette.
The second very important factor for perfect applesauce is the time you let it cook. It is like a good tomato sauce, the longer you let it simmer the smoother, richer and tastier it will become. And please do not add water in the beginning. Not even a little! It will make it runnier and wash out some of the delicious taste and we definitely do not want that!


3 kg apples of your choice

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon citric acid

some lemon zest


Peel your apples and cut them into small pieces.
Put your apple pieces in a big pot together with the salt, vanilla and citric acid and heat up your stove to one of the highest levels.
During the first five minutes you have to stir vigorously so that nothing burns on the ground of your pot.
Reduce the heat to one of the lowest levels and stir until it calms down.
Put a lid on the pot and let your sauce simmer for at least one hour while you gradually stir every ten minutes or so.
The apples will cook themselves into a sauce. If you still have chunks in the end you can use your mixer to smooth it out. Then add some lemon zest and fill the hot sauce into glasses that you close immediately.

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  • Hallo liebe Raphaela,
    heute habe ich Deinen schönen Blog entdeckt und bin ganz begeistert!
    Tolle Rezepte, ansprechende Fotos und gute Texte. Habe Dich gleich mal bei zu meiner Lieblingsblogger-Liste hinzu gefügt.
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