Chocolate Chip Cookies


Cookies are something that we traditionally have for christmas and during the year in different flavours but all of them are rather small in size. The american trend concerning cookies is -how could it be different – to make them huge and I have to admit in the case of cookies I fully support the effort to make everything bigger and better. A cookie the size of your plate with a cup of coffee is just simply amazing, crisp on the outside and still soft and chewy on the inside. Mhm I love it! So that is why I decided to start the topic of cookies on my blog.

And what could be a better recipe to start with than the all-time favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie? But in my case the cookies are vegan and glutenfree as always. Also I spiced up my recipe with some fresh orange zest. I love the combination of orange and chocolate even if the recipe only contains chocolate chips. So go for it and knead away. You will be surprised how fast and easy it is to prepare cookie dough yourself and in no time this wonderful cookie smell will come out of your oven.


***** for 8 biiiig cookies*****

To prepare your dough, mix the dry ingredients but leave out 30g of chocolate chips for decoration.
Put your flour mixture on a clean worktop and form a small hole in the middle.
Cut the margarine into small pieces and put it in the hole together with the coconut oil and applesauce. Grate some orange zest and add it as well.
Now you only need to knead everything into a nice cookie dough. Be careful not to overknead because otherwise your cookies might not hold up while baking (but you should not see any more pieces of margarine or coconut oil).
Put your cookie dough into a bowl and cover it with some foil. Put it into your fridge for about 1 hour.
After one hour knead your dough shortly. Preheat your oven to 180°. Form 8 balls of dough of equal size with approximately 65-70g.
Place your dough balls on a baking tray  lined with baking paper and press them down with your hand. Be careful to leave every cookie the space it needs to rise and expand a bit.
Decorate your cookies with the rest of the chocolate chips. Then bake them for about 10-12 minutes in your preheated oven.
Your cookies are ready when they have a nice brown colour on the edges but the center still appears to be really really soft. When they cool down they will harden more. That is how you achieve the effect of a crisp edge and chewy inner part. Enjoy!

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